Vinyl Flooring


  1. PU coating

           The top PU coating made of urethane effectively enhances:

  • wear resistance
  • stain resistance
  • UV resistance
  • durability
  • gloss
  1. Wear layer

            The wear layer made of PVC directly affects the service life of the flooring directly. Our factory produces layers of 12 mil (0.3mm) or 22 mil (0.55mm) thickness, which greatly improves the life of vinyl flooring.

  1. Printed layer

            The high definition printed layer made of PVC replaces the traditional wood veneer and melamine surface paper. Due to this the grain became much clearer and it is more environmentally friendly.

  1. Vinyl layer

             The high quality vinyl layer made of PVC and calcium carbonate resists compression and corrosion well, in addition enhancing our flooring’s stability. Due to this its flame-retardance reaches B1 class.

  1. Honeycomb base

            The exclusive patented honeycomb base is our own proud achievement. Not only does it increase the thickness and carrying capacity of vinyl flooring, but also reduces the demand for flatness of subfloor. Moreover, its unique grid structure can conduct heating well and makes our flooring an ideal match with heated floor.

  1. Buffer layer

            The buffer layer absorbs noises and makes one’s feet feel cozy when walking on the floor. Various materials are available, such as EVA, IXPE, cork, etc.

The installation has become simpler as this layer tolerates unevenness well. No underlayment is needed.

vinyl flooring



Exclusive Self-lock Vinyl Composite Flooring

Main Structure

Vinyl Layer+HoneyComb Base+Buffer Layer

Flooring Size


Total Thickness



PU/UV Coating

Grain Craft

Deep Embossing/Shallow Embossing/Hand Grasp

Grain Variety

Wood Look/Carpet Look/Stone Look/Woven Look/Customized Look

Wear Layer


Click Lock

Press-in Self-lock Patented

Edge Processing

Micro Bevel

0.3mm Wear Layer Warranty

Residential for 25 years Light Commercial for 5 years

0.55mm Wear Layer Warranty

Residential for Lifetime Light Commercial for 10 years

vinyl flooring

Unique Patented Easy Click installation

Easy to install and repair

vinyl flooring

Unique Function

Easy to Change out Any one Luxury Vinyl Plank

We Provide The Best Products And Service In Industry

We always focus on providing the different floorings

London Series

Wood Look

Leeds Series

Woven Look